This catalog is produced for the university by the Office of the Provost. It compiles general academic and administrative policies and other information and specific descriptions of the courses of study offered. Publication and effective dates are August 1 through July 31 of the respective academic year represented in this catalog. The current and previous years’ catalogs are available on the Azusa Pacific University website.

Because this publication is prepared in advance of the year it covers, changes in some programs inevitably occur.

Azusa Pacific University reserves the right to amend this catalog and change any of its policies without prior notice, including but not limited to tuition, fees, unit-value per course, course offerings, curricula, grading policies, graduation and program requirements, and admission standards and policies. In addition, all university student policies for academic year 2023-24 in this catalog and elsewhere are subject to ongoing review and change in light of the coronavirus pandemic; any changes will be communicated to students as expediently and as clearly as possible. Anything in this catalog that is not consistent with specific university directives, policies, and communications related to coronavirus are superseded by those directives, policies, and communications until further notice.

Though the semester/term schedule of courses is the final authority in regard to courses offered, updated information may also be found on the APU website.

A schedule of courses is available prior to registration each semester/term. All courses are offered subject to instructor availability and sufficient enrollment.

This catalog supersedes all previous catalogs. The policies expressed in this catalog and each subsequent catalog will be controlling, regardless of any policies stated in a previous catalog received by the student upon his or her admission. There are, however, exceptions in certain cases regarding course requirements. See the appropriate Graduation Requirements and Commencement section of this catalog (graduate, professional, or undergraduate).

This catalog and each subsequent catalog is supplemented by the rules and regulations stated in department publications, the Student Handbook, the website and appropriately posted materials. Conflicts between any of these sources are unintentional and the policy of wider applicability will control (e.g. university wide policies control school or department policies).

Students who wish to obtain specific information about the university not contained in the catalog are advised to consult the university’s website.