Grade Change Process

A professional student who believes his/her grade has been reported incorrectly or wishes to challenge his/her grade should contact the instructor immediately to discuss the discrepancy. If the instructor and student agree on a grade change, the instructor will complete a Grade Change Form. No grade changes can be made to the academic record after the degree has been posted. Work completed or corrected after the close of the grading period without an approved Incomplete Form does not justify a grade change.

If the student is not satisfied after discussing the grade with the instructor, he/she has the option to submit to the registrar’s office an Academic General Petition form challenging the grade. This form must be returned to the Office of the Registrar.

A change of grade may be given on the recommendation of the professor and permission of the department chair and/or dean. The grade challenge must be received within one year of the last day of the term of enrollment in the course. Questions regarding the grade change process should be directed to the registrar’s office.

To appeal a denial of a petition for a grade change, see the Grievance and Appeal Procedures section of this catalog.