Proctoring Services

Examination Proctoring

The Academic Success Center (ASC) Testing Services office is a test-proctoring center for students enrolled in correspondence, continuing education, or online courses at other institutions. To request an ASC Testing Services-proctored exam:

  • Contact the home institution for approval to have ASC Testing Services designated as the proctor center.
  • We request that exams be sent 3 days in advance to ASC Testing Services via email at
  • Instructors sending exams to ASC Testing Services should include specific exam instructions for ASC Testing Services proctors.
  • Call ASC Testing Services at (626) 815-3849 to notify the center of the exam’s pending arrival.
  • Schedule an appointment to take the exam at ASC Testing Services using our online scheduling system.

On the day of the exam, students must:

  • Bring an identification card that includes the student’s legal name, birth date, signature, and photo.
  • Pay a $30 nonrefundable fee for each proctored exam (also available online).

Failure to appear for a scheduled exam will result in the exam being returned to the institution of origin.