Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) Scholarship

Students may compete for four-year Army ROTC Scholarships in their junior and senior years of high school (Early Action and Regular Decision). Current APU students may also compete for three-and-a-half-, three-, and two-year scholarships to complete their studies.

Yearly Amount

Each year, the Army awards recipients a scholarship covering full tuition and mandatory fees, as well as funds for books, and a tiered, tax-free monthly stipend.

On-Campus Room and Board Scholarship

In addition to the federally funded Army ROTC Scholarships, APU offers the ROTC Room and Board Scholarship to all eligible, participating ROTC scholarship recipients. Contact the Student Services Center for details about the scholarship, which is dependent on the student’s continued enrollment and participation in the program.

To receive the room portion, the recipient must live on campus. To be eligible for the board portion, the recipient must sign up for a meal plan. Students are encouraged to carefully choose their housing and dining plan options in an effort to keep their costs under the maximum scholarship amount per semester.

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are available online. The online application period begins in the fall; thereafter, applicants can apply directly to the Department of Military Science and Leadership at Claremont McKenna College. For more information, contact Claremont McKenna College:

Claremont McKenna College
Department of Military Science
Bauer South 101
500 E. Ninth St.
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-8102


The Army will send scholarship funds to APU and to the student (if applicable) when it processes its scholarship awards (timing varies). For students eligible to receive the APU ROTC Room and Board Scholarship, once the student’s admissions and financial aid files are complete, the award will usually be disbursed into the student’s APU account during the first month of the semester (first half of the award in fall, the second half in spring), or later depending on when documentation is received.


Check with an Army representative for all applicable requirements. Eligibility for these awards may change if new information is received.

To Retain Eligibility

  1. Students must meet all requirements set forth by the Army ROTC program.