Readmission and Reenrollment

Students planning to return to Azusa Pacific University after an absence must complete the following requirements. In the event that a student leaves Azusa Pacific University for any reason (other than a leave of absence; see Withdrawal from the University) for one or more semesters, that student must complete the Undergraduate Application for Reenrollment. All applications for reenrollment must be approved by the Student Services Center and the dean of students before reenrollment will be considered, unless an approved leave of absence was previously granted.

Any student reenrolling in Azusa Pacific University after an absence of more than three semesters (excluding summer sessions) will be subject to new catalog requirements unless reenrolling to finish work specified by an Undergraduate Graduation Application previously filed (in these cases, the policies described under Graduation Requirements and Commencement in this catalog apply). In addition, all applicants’ previously completed work will be reviewed by their major department to determine which, if any, major courses and supporting nonmajor courses must be repeated or added to complete the major. The reviewing department may take into consideration any relevant work experience for major requirement equivalence, but such work experience may not count for unit credit.