The student selecting the thesis option, where available, must meet the following requirements:

  1. The student must have maintained an appropriate grade-point average in all graduate courses at the time the thesis option is requested.
  2. A thesis proposal must be submitted as evidence of writing ability. The student’s effort will be judged by the appropriate academic department.
  3. The appropriate academic department must grant approval for the writing of the thesis using the prescribed form.
  4. The student must work with an Azusa Pacific University faculty member who has been approved by the department chair and dean to serve as a thesis advisor.
  5. Details on the development of a thesis proposal and matters of style and format are available from the director of graduate publications in the University Libraries. The APU Style and Format Handbook for Dissertation and Thesis Publications is located on (Employee / General Resources > Academics > Forms and Publication).
  6. The final thesis must have the approval of the faculty advisor, department chair, dean of the appropriate school or college, and, with respect to final preparation for preservation in the library, the director of graduate publications.