Withdrawal from the University

A student who, for any reason, finds it necessary to withdraw from the university during the course of any term or session must do so through the registrar’s office in the Student Services Center by filling out an Enrollment Activity Form. International students must obtain approval from International Student Compliance to withdraw from the university. Failure to comply will mean that failing grades will be entered on the student’s record. A letter indicating the student’s intention of leaving the university may be submitted as well. If the student intends to return after some time, a Leave of Absence Form should be submitted to extend the time limit for completing the degree (see Leaves of Absence and Refund Policy).

Nonenrollment for a period of three consecutive terms (e.g., fall, spring, and summer) will result in administrative withdrawal from the university (see the Academic Calendar for complete term and session information). An administrative withdrawal does not change a student’s posted grades or account balance, nor does it generate a refund of any kind. Reapplication and department reacceptance are required to enroll again. The initial enrollment in the degree program will determine the beginning of the time limit for completing the degree, where the length of the time limit is determined by the current catalog. In rare instances, extensions may be requested by petition. Granting of such a petition may entail additional degree requirements.