Commencement exercises are held at the end of the fall and spring semesters. The university president, by the authority of the trustees and on the recommendation of the faculty, awards the degrees.

  • A student may participate in commencement exercises only if all degree work has been completed. Eligibility to participate in commencement will be confirmed by the student’s academic records specialist in the Office of the Registrar in the Student Services Center.
  • Details regarding the ceremonies are emailed approximately 4-6 weeks prior to commencement to prospective participants who have submitted a Graduation Application.
  • To participate in commencement exercises, all university obligations must be resolved no later than three weeks prior to commencement, including financial clearance (must have a zero account balance).
  • Students who disregard the Participation in Commencement Policy and participate in a commencement ceremony fraudulently will not be allowed to participate in future commencement ceremonies and could face sanctions including (but not limited to) suspension from the university, as such actions are considered an academic integrity violation and a student conduct violation.