Placement Assessment

Freshmen and First-Year Transfers

The Academic Success Center’s Testing Services office offers proctored placement assessments when needed in the areas of math, writing, and foreign language for incoming (freshmen and transfer) students. Testing is available in the Testing Services office by appointment only, and remotely for out-of-area students. Note that all of these assessments are also offered online.

In order for students to register for the correct math, writing, and foreign language courses, a placement assessment in each area must be completed by the last day to drop classes for the first term of enrollment, and students are encouraged to complete their placement assessments as early as possible. Students who do not complete their placement assessments will not be able to register for math, writing, or foreign language courses.

Proficiency test results in math, writing, and foreign language from other academic institutions may be acceptable, provided the test is a nationally normed exam and the institution does not incorporate additional data into the score. Course recommendations based on test results may or may not correspond to APU course requirements. For evaluation, fax a printout of the exam results, along with a contact name and number from that institution’s assessment center, to the ASC Testing Services office at (626) 815-3859.