Community Advancement Programs

Community Advancement Programs (CAP) is housed within APU’s Center for Career and Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL), which cultivates academically integrated learning experiences for community impact, professional development, and lifelong learning.

CAP employs APU students who are eligible for federal work-study (FWS) and places them in community-based positions in order to: (1) meet needs in the local community, and (2) provide students with meaningful employment to gain experience and support educational development and goals. 

Positions in the program are off campus at locations such as local nonprofit organizations and schools. Students hired for CAP programs complete APU’s HR Student Employment onboarding and follow protocol as an APU student employee, including timekeeping and receiving a paycheck through APU payroll.

Great benefits for students include:

  • Engaging in community service while getting paid
  • Flexible work schedule (great second job!)
  • Developing professional work experience and connections
  • FWS earnings are excluded as income on the FAFSA

Students who are eligible for FWS may apply for CAP positions by searching for opportunities on Handshake (select “Jobs,” filter “On-site/remote,” then enter “CAP” in the search field). Eligible students will see “Federal Work Study” and the award amount that can be earned each semester listed in their APU financial aid package.


View the CAP Google site for details on our current programs or contact for more information. The Center for Career and Community-Engaged Learning is located in Building 22 on East Campus.