Math Placement Assessment

Professional students who need to take PRMA 110, PRMA 130, or UNRS 299 and lack the course prerequisites are required to use ALEKS in order to demonstrate preparedness to take these courses. ALEKS PPL is a state-of-the-art placement system that enables students to take a placement assessment up to five times and provides a personalized Prep and Learning Module to help students review in between assessments.

The required ALEKS scores are indicated in the table below.

Course(s) Prerequisite(s)
College Algebra (PRMA 110) ALEKS score of 45-59 (a score of 60 or higher waives PRMA 110)
Statistics (PRMA 130) ALEKS score of 30 or higher
Statistics for Nursing (UNRS 299) ALEKS score of 45 or higher