Withdrawal from the University

A student who, for any reason, finds it necessary to withdraw from the university during the course of the semester must do so through the registrar’s office located in the Student Services Center. The student must complete the Leave of Absence and University Withdrawal form. Students who fail to comply with these regulations will receive failing grades on their student record and a dishonorable dismissal (see Refund Policy and Withdrawal Information).

For a student who withdraws from the university, or takes a leave of absence, refunds may be given at any time prior to the awarding of course credit, including the full amount of registration fees, tuition, and any miscellaneous charges. On-campus housing fees are also refundable, with the waived 30-day prior notice requirement. A student’s six-meal plan will be prorated to reflect the meals a student has eaten.

Withdrawal from the University after Disciplinary Action

In matters of disciplinary action resulting in suspension or dismissal from the university, a written statement will be sent from the dean of students informing the student of the action. The dean of students will also notify the Registrar's Office regarding the student’s status and authorize the proper withdrawal from courses. Dismissed students will not receive tuition refunds except by administrative action.

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students may request to take a leave of absence from enrollment in courses for up to two consecutive semesters. Requests for a leave should be initially made to the Registrar's Office and require university approval. Forms are available online and must be completed prior to the student’s absence from the university. Failure to complete the required form or to register at the end of the approved leave will necessitate reapplication to the university and compliance with any applicable changes in admissions, financial aid, and degree requirements as stated in the Readmission and Reenrollment Policy.

Any student considering a leave of absence but who is enrolled in a major that requires an application should seek advising with the major department before filing for a leave of absence. Careful academic planning is required, because a leave may change the number of semesters a student will need to complete degree requirements.

Note that Azusa Pacific University leaves of absence do not meet the definition of a Title IV Approved Leave of Absence as defined under 34 CFR 668.22 (d). As such, a student will not be reported to the National Student Loan Data System as attending the university during their leave of absence.

Military Leave of Absence

A student may request a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) by contacting the registrar’s office, and the request must be completed prior to the student’s absence from the university.

  1. A copy of the student’s military orders, a letter from his/her commanding officer, or other documentation will be required to support the request for military leave.
  2. The student may request any length for the leave, provided it does not begin more than 30 days prior to the assignment date and does not conclude more than 90 days after the end date stated on the assignment papers.
  3. The return from the MLOA must coincide with a valid semester start date.
  4. Students are eligible for readmission if, during their leave, they performed or will perform voluntary or involuntary active-duty service in the U.S. armed forces, including active duty for training and National Guard or Reserve service under federal authority, for a period of more than 30 consecutive days, and received a discharge other than dishonorable or bad conduct.
  5. In general, the cumulative length of absence and all previous absences for military service (service time only) must not exceed five years.

Leave Duration

By default, all students requesting a Military Leave of Absence are granted the longest possible leave without exceeding 90 days beyond their assignment end date. Military and Veteran Services ensures that the MLOA return date coincides with a valid semester start date, and contacts students on Military Leave of Absence within 30 days after the end of their deployment to confirm or adjust the timing of their return as needed.

Courses in Progress

Students going on military leave are given a W grade for all in-progress courses, or dropped from courses if the last day of attendance is before the drop deadline. Such students are considered in Leave status; when they return from their critical military duty, the student is assigned an enrollment appointment time in their online student center (home.apu.edu) for the semester they are returning, and is responsible for enrolling in courses via the online student center. Students on military leave return to their studies without incurring financial penalty.