Withdrawal from Courses

Graduate students may withdraw from a course without grade penalty at any time during the first two-thirds of the term, starting with the first day of classes.1

The last day to withdraw for every term is indicated in the Academic Calendar. Students must submit an Enrollment Activity Form to the registrar in the Student Services Center. Students will receive a W (withdrawal) grade in the course from which they withdraw. Students who never attend or stop attending a course for which they are officially enrolled will receive an F in that course if accepted procedures for withdrawal are not followed. Approval for withdrawal after the deadline is granted only in extreme cases where extenuating circumstances are evident and can be substantiated. Any approval of a late withdrawal requires the favorable endorsement and signatures of the professor, department chair, and registrar. No financial adjustments will be made (see Refund Policy).


International students must obtain approval from International Student Compliance to withdraw from courses.