Promise To Pay

I promise to pay all stated enrollment charges and required fees listed online and in printed materials associated with the courses I selected. I understand that I am responsible for checking my monthly statements, calling my student account counselor, and/or checking online at for confirmation of the correct charges associated with the courses I selected. I agree that monies paid on my behalf do not extinguish my payment obligations in the event those monies do not actually come through or for any reason and at any time are returned to the payee or anyone claiming on behalf of the payee or the payee’s creditors. I agree to pay any amounts that do not actually come through or for any reason and at any time are returned.

For value received, I promise to pay to Azusa Pacific University, at 901 East Alosta Ave., Azusa, California 91702-7000, the required charges and fees. Each payment shall be credited first toward penalties and costs, then toward late charges, and then toward the remainder of my student account balance. Payments will be applied to student account charges in the order of when the charges were incurred, beginning with the earliest charges, including charges from prior academic years, and concluding with the most recent charges. If any collection steps are taken to collect any overdue amount, the undersigned promises to pay, in addition to the entire balance of the account including late charges, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses and all reasonable charges and cost incident to the collection of any amount not paid when due according to the terms of this Promise to Pay.

I further promise to abide by the university’s policies as stated in the catalog, and in other printed materials, which state that my attendance in class, taking final examinations, release of grades, and participation in a graduation ceremony are contingent upon timely and complete payment in accordance with the terms of this Promise to Pay. Azusa Pacific University has the ability to compel payment through such means as: denying my ability to reenter APU or to receive diploma(s) until all amounts owing are paid. I understand, acknowledge and agree that, if I am allowed to register for courses for a new academic year, APU has the right to, and will, revoke all of my course registrations if I have not paid off any current or prior academic year's balance four weeks prior to the start of the new academic term, and that if my course registrations are revoked and I am later permitted to enroll after meeting my financial obligations to the university, I may not be able to register for the same courses that were revoked.

The pricing for tuition and fees is set each year on the basis of fixed costs and other projected costs for the year. As a result, the university reserves the right (and retains the discretion), consistent with delivering the educational content of our commitment, to unilaterally implement changes (as it deems necessary) in areas such as course content, instructional methods, class locations, instructors, mode of educational delivery, and level and nature of campus activities without reducing tuition and fees.

For a student enrolled in an institutionally prescribed five-year undergraduate program, Cal Grant A awards and Cal Grant B awards may be renewed for a total of five years of full-time attendance, provided that minimum financial need, as defined in paragraph (3) of subdivision (b) of Section 69432.9, continues to exist. A Cal Grant award is limited to four academic years, except as provided in subdivision (c) of Section 69433.6. A student needs to take 15 units per semester or the equivalent quarter units, or 30 semester units or the equivalent quarter units per academic year, in order to graduate within four years.