Payment Terms and Conditions

All tuition and fees are due by the first day of class. All owed balances are considered past due 30 days after the posted start date. All past-due balances must be paid in full, whether out of pocket or with financial aid, prior to the opening of the next session’s registration period. If any student has a past-due balance, they may be dropped from classes and/or prevented from participating in any enrollment activity until the account is current and no longer past due.

Any late enrollment activity (add or drop) requested on the Enrollment Activity Form will be charged a $125 processing fee for the manual processing to register, add, drop, or withdraw after the published deadline.

Students previously in APU collections for a prior balance who wish to return must have a zero balance for their returning term.

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Petition Process

A petition process exists for students who seek an exception to stated university policies and procedures. Petition forms can be obtained at the Student Services Center or online, and must be approved by the Student Services Center.