Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life strives to create an enriching and opportunity-filled on-campus housing experience for undergraduate students at Azusa Pacific. The office is composed of professionals who are focused on operational (tracking housing assignments, issuing room keys, maintaining the basic room furniture provided by the university) and programmatic efforts to promote student engagement in the APU on-campus community. Because the residential experience so strongly supports the mission of APU, all traditional undergraduate students who do not choose to live locally at home are required to live in on-campus housing during their freshman and sophomore years.

APU’s residential setting offers students exceptional variety and quality-of-life experiences, and the on-campus Residence Life program has several distinctive features:

  1. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to reside in an on-campus living-learning community. Through efficient operations, students are assigned and provided access to diverse, supportive, and comfortable communities designed to promote their personal and academic growth.
  2. Living area communities engender a spirit of grace and redemption to promote restoration and life change through Christ’s involvement in students’ day-to-day lives.
  3. Undergraduate students are offered many different types of living environments, including traditional residence halls and self-contained apartments. Many of the campus housing communities are accessible to students with disabilities.
  4. Robust living-learning programs based on the developmental needs of residents are provided in each living area.
  5. Residence Directors (RDs), Area Directors (ADs), and Graduate Residence Directors (GRDs) provide professional oversight and support in the living areas, helping students integrate their classroom learning with their out-of-classroom experiences.
  6. Subcommunities are directed by a resident advisor (RA, who reports to the RD or AD/GRD) who plays a key role as a referral agent in the event that a student needs counseling or medical care. RAs also assist in orienting students to the living area and the campus and plan a variety of programs that promote a sense of community and cooperation among residents.

The Office of Residence Life is located on the north side of Engstrom Hall.