Additional Master’s Degree or Concurrent Program Requirements

A person who already holds a master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University may complete another master’s degree by meeting all university and department admissions requirements and fulfilling all graduation requirements for that degree.

An applicant intending to pursue two graduate programs concurrently shall meet with representatives of both programs to plan the joint course of study. Concurrent graduate program students shall meet all university and department admissions requirements and fulfill the graduation requirements of both programs.

The additional master’s or concurrent graduate program may not be an additional emphasis in the same degree. This policy does not apply to programs that are substantially different from the first degree program. When a subsequent degree is taken in the same field, two-thirds of the required courses must be different from those of the first degree. The subsequent, same-field master’s or concurrent graduate degree is not eligible for transfer credit or additional course substitutions.

The student is required to submit an application form for the second program and be admitted to that program.