Adding and Dropping Classes

Students may add and drop classes without financial penalty until the Last Day to Register, Add/Drop Classes, or Submit Independent Study Proposals. Professional students may do this online at or by submitting an Enrollment Activity Form.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop a class and therefore the action must be student initiated. The student must drop a class by the deadline to avoid financial obligation to the university or to avoid receiving an FFN, or W grade. A student will owe tuition and fees for the class unless it is officially dropped by the Last Day to Add or Drop a Class (see the Academic Calendar for deadlines.)

Merely not attending a class does not automatically remove the class from a student’s record. Students who do not initiate the drop, either through the Enrollment tab at or through submission of an Enrollment Activity Form, by the drop deadline jeopardize their academic record with the possibility of incurring an FN grade in a course and will be expected to meet tuition and fee obligations for the class.

International students must obtain approval from the International Center to add or drop a class.

Following the deadline to drop a class, a student must withdraw according to policies and procedures as stated in the Withdrawal section of this catalog.

A drop will not be permitted after the deadline, except in cases of extenuating circumstances due to accident or illness, serious personal or family problems, or military transfer. Valid documentation is required. An Enrollment Activity Form with valid documentation may be submitted to the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar in the Graduate and Professional Center for evaluation. The dates of the extenuating circumstances substantiated by documentation must have occurred during the course’s session and will determine the authorized drop action date. Without valid documentation, any drop request received after the deadline published in the Academic Calendar will be processed as a withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to check with Student Financial Services to determine how an approved late drop or withdrawal may affect his or her financial aid. Also see the Withdrawal section of this catalog.

Administrative Class Drop

Successful completion of course prerequisites is essential for enrollment in subsequent courses that require prerequisites. Students who fail to pass a prerequisite course and are registered for the subsequent course should contact their academic advisor. A student-initiated drop of a course may be requested; if a student is advised to drop the course, and does not do so through the Enrollment tab at or by submitting an Enrollment Activity Form, the Graduate and Professional Registrar’s office may administratively drop the student from the course at the request of the academic department.