Exploring Program

The Exploring Program provides support for first- and second-year students who have not committed to a major, creating an environment that supports their search for a vocation and helping them choose a major that aligns with their skills, interests, sense of person, and calling. The program is a collaborative effort between the Academic Success Center, College of Liberal Arts and Science, First-Year Seminar, and the Office of Education to Vocation. A common major for entering freshmen is “undeclared”—in other words, many students have not yet selected a major. At Azusa Pacific, these Exploring majors have time during their first four semesters to explore different courses, converse with faculty, and then select a major.

Program Services

  • First-Year Seminar Course
  • Academic Success Coaching
  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Strengths Coaching
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Community Engagement Events

Students must declare their major by their fifth semester of full-time academic work (see Major and Minor Policies).