Types of Financial Aid

Award amounts listed are for students first enrolling at Azusa Pacific University in 2020-21. Refer to previous catalogs for scholarship/grant awarding information for enrollment that began prior to 2020-21.

The following types (or sources) of financial aid are available:

  1. Federal (provided by the U.S. government)
  2. State (provided by the state of California)
  3. Institutional (provided by APU)
  4. Outside scholarships (provided by organizations, businesses, etc.)
  5. Alternative/private loans

Budget Limitations

Be advised that funding from all of the sources listed is not guaranteed. Budget limitations may reduce or eliminate any of the awards described without notice. Also, on rare occasions the amount of financial aid originally offered may end up reduced or eliminated due to federal, state, and/or institutional policies. See the Stacking Financial Aid policy for more information on possible restrictions.