Instructor Drop Policy

An instructor may drop a student from a course if the student has not attended the course by the second class meeting of the semester and has not informed the instructor of his/her intent to remain in the course. In the case of an online course, the instructor may drop a student if he/she fails to engage in any online course activities before the end of the Drop Period. To drop a student from the course, the instructor emails the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center at

After the Drop Period, removal of a student from a course is considered a withdrawal. Withdrawals must be initiated by the student and follow the course withdrawal policy and procedure. At the completion of the term, instructors designate a letter grade of F in the course for any student who did not withdraw by the withdrawal date, or a letter grade of FN (Failure, Nonattending) for any student who did not attend or stopped attending the course. For each term, the deadline to withdraw from a course is listed in the Academic Calendar.