Writing Program

APU’s Writing Program includes lower- and upper-division courses to help students become more competent and confident writers. The goal of these courses is for students to develop as critical thinkers, researchers, and writers who can creatively address a variety of rhetorical contexts.

The General Education (GE) Writing Program guides students through the process of gaining cross-disciplinary writing skills. The program consists of three 3-unit GE courses (Writing 1, 2, and 3), as well as an optional 1-unit Writing 1 Lab. In these courses, students cultivate a lifelong habit of learning to write and writing to learn, develop their individual writing processes, learn about genres and rhetorical situations, and write within a community of peers.

Because Writing 1 is a first-year writing course, students should plan to take WRIT 110 The Art and Craft of Writing during their first semester at APU. Students should plan to take the Writing 2 course that is recommended by their majors as sophomores, followed by the appropriate Writing 3 course as juniors or seniors.

Writing Pathways

All APU students must take Writing 1 unless they have a qualifying AP score or transfer credit. Students enrolled in the Honors College take HON 101 Leadership in place of Writing 1. All APU students must take Writing 2 and Writing 3 unless they have appropriate transfer credit.

Writing 1

In Writing 1, students are introduced to college-level writing expectations. They write and learn in a community of peers, giving and receiving feedback in small groups. In a designated week during the semester, students conference one-on-one with the professor to receive individualized feedback on the development of their writing. They build rhetorical awareness and personal writing processes that they use throughout their time at APU and beyond.

Writing 1 Lab

Alongside Writing 1, some students may choose to take the Writing 1 Lab. Writing labs offer a small-group format, supporting up to six students as they move beyond high school writing toward college-level writing expectations. Our faculty assume that students who take the lab in addition to Writing 1 are capable, college-level or nearly college-level writers who will benefit from extra support and feedback, whether that support is focused on thesis development, organization, time management, confidence, grammar instruction, or some other aspect of writing.

Writing 2

In Writing 2, students assess the writing styles, questions, and arguments of broader fields (e.g., humanities, nursing, or science). It is strongly recommended that students enroll in Writing 2 as sophomores. Some majors require a specific Writing 2 course. It is most beneficial and strongly recommended to enroll in the Writing 2 course that pertains to the student’s field of study, but students may enroll in the Writing 2 course of their choice if their major does not require a particular course. Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in Writing 1 to enroll in Writing 2. Some Writing 2 courses have other prerequisites in addition to Writing 1.

Writing 3

In Writing 3, juniors or seniors learn how to craft polished drafts of professional quality in their major and practice the types of writing they might encounter in their future professions. Most majors require a particular course. It is most beneficial and strongly recommended to enroll in the Writing 3 course that pertains to the student’s field of study, but students may enroll in the Writing 3 course of their choice if their major does not require a particular course. Many Writing 3 courses have prerequisites in addition to Writing 2.

Helpful Resources

The Writing Program Lexicon establishes a consistent vocabulary for APU faculty and students, facilitating smooth transitions between courses and encouraging student learning. The Writing Program also coordinates its efforts with the Writing Center, which offers one-on-one appointments to help students become better writers.

Overenrollment Policy

The Writing Program does not permit students to add Writing 1, 2, or 3 courses that are full, because smaller class sizes are essential for thorough faculty feedback and writing support. If you have extenuating circumstances that make it necessary for you to take a Writing 1, 2, or 3 course that is full, contact the Writing Program; the director of the Writing Program and the instructor of the course must approve your request. If your request is approved, the Writing Program will issue you a permission code to register for the section.

Mission Statement

Azusa Pacific University’s Writing Program fosters a culture of writing among students and faculty from all disciplines. Drawing on scholarship in rhetoric and composition, the Writing Program collaborates with faculty to use best practices in writing courses across the curriculum to help students learn to write ethically, clearly, creatively, and effectively as academics, professionals, and Christ-following citizens in diverse communities.

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