Academic Integrity

In addition to cultivating in each student the academic skills that are required for a university degree, Azusa Pacific’s mission includes imparting to each student the characteristics of academic integrity that are integral to a Christian education. Therefore, a breach of academic integrity is not merely a private matter between the student and an instructor but an act that is fundamentally inconsistent with the purpose and mission of the entire university. It is the policy of the university that academic work should represent the independent thought and activity of the individual student, and work that is borrowed from another source without attribution or used in an unauthorized way in an academic exercise is considered to be academic dishonesty that defrauds the work of others and the education system. Engaging in any academic integrity violation is a serious offense for which a student may be disciplined or dismissed. The full academic integrity policy for graduate students is available on the university website. It is each student’s responsibility to review the policy and follow APU’s academic integrity standards.