Forensics Scholarships

Forensics scholarships are available to top-performing students participating in APU’s nationally recognized forensics program. For more information on the forensics program, contact the Department of Communication Studies at

Yearly Amount

Scholarship amounts vary. On rare occasions, the amount originally offered may be reduced or eliminated due to federal, state, and/or institutional policies. See the Stacking Financial Aid policy for more information on possible restrictions.

How to Apply

Contact the Department of Communication Studies at


Once the student’s financial aid file is complete, the award usually disburses into the student’s APU account during the first month of the semester (first half of the award in fall, the second half in spring), or later depending on when documentation is received.


Check with the forensics program director for potential renewability. Eligibility for this award may change if new information is received.

To Retain Eligibility

  1. The student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  2. The student must meet the requirements established by the forensics program.