Campus Life

The Office of Campus Life offers purposeful programming to help students develop a sense of belonging and personal growth throughout their APU experience.

Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Life provides students with opportunities for connection and engagement in order to foster a sense of belonging and holistic development.

Fulfilling Our Mission

The Office of Campus Life seeks to fulfill the above mission through the following:

  • Clubs and Organizations: Supporting student-managed groups including club sports, service organizations, academic clubs, and social/interest groups. Azusa Pacific University does not allow or recognize national social clubs, fraternities, or sororities.

  • Intramurals: Coordinating various indoor and outdoor sports throughout the year.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Offering outdoor adventure trips, outdoor rental equipment, local hiking information, and a wilderness orientation program for incoming freshmen and transfers.

  • Performing Arts: Planning and implementing entertainment and education for the APU community through small- and large-scale concerts and music, art, and performance-based events.

  • Special Events: Planning and implementing campus-wide events that create a sense of community among the student body.

Welcome Weekend

The Office of Campus Life hosts Welcome Weekend at the beginning of each fall and spring semester to welcome new APU students into the community. The goal of Welcome Weekend is to provide an experience that fosters a sense of belonging for new students, families, and guests through intentional programming centered on preparing each student for their time at Azusa Pacific University.

Alpha Program

We desire to support all students’ sense of belonging in their first year at APU through the Alpha Program orientation groups for freshmen and transfer students.


APUTWO exists to focus on the second-year experience at APU. Given that students experience many changes and critical decisions during this time (e.g., deciding on majors, changes in their living situations, changes in friend groups and community), research shows that students’ second-year experience is critical to their persistence toward graduating college. The Office of Campus Life provides intentional programming efforts in order that all of our second-year students may thrive during their time at APU and experience a sense of belonging.