Degree Posting

The university posts graduate degrees to students’ permanent records five times each year according to a predetermined schedule. All degree requirements, including milestones dependent on the program, must be met prior to the posting date. The posting dates for graduate students are at the end of each 16-week session (fall, spring, and summer) and at the end of the 8-week 1 and 12-week summer sessions. The regular terms and sessions for graduate students, with approximate posting dates shown in parentheses, are:

Fall 2020

  • 16-Week, 8-Week 1, and 8-Week 2 Sessions (December 19)

Spring 2021

  • 16-Week, 8-Week 1, and 8-Week 2 Sessions (May 8)

Summer 2021

  • 8-Week 1 Session (July 3)
  • 12-Week Session (July 31)
  • 16-Week and 8-Week 2 Sessions (August 28)

Doctoral degrees will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month pending completion of all degree requirements, such as dissertation defense, presentation, submission, publishing approval, conference attendance, internship completion, etc. Furthermore, for those master’s students who either choose or are required to complete a thesis, all requirements connected to said thesis and its submission must be complete prior to degree posting. 

For degrees completed on dates other than these, the degree posting will occur on the next scheduled posting date. 

Once the degree is posted, the degree record is complete and final. It can be rescinded only in the case of substantiated error or fraud. A student cannot add coursework to or remove coursework from the posted degree to improve grade-point average or to add concentrations or emphases, and cannot request a degree title change.