Campus Life

The Office of Campus Life provides purposeful programming to help students develop a sense of belonging and personal growth throughout their APU experience.

Mission Statement

Campus Life exists to enhance the college experience by connecting students to each other and creating a sense of belonging through campus-wide opportunities that foster self-development.

Fulfilling Our Mission

The Office of Campus Life seeks to fulfill the above mission through the following:

  • Clubs and Organizations: Supporting student-managed groups including club sports, service organizations, academic clubs, and social/interest groups. Azusa Pacific University does not allow or recognize national social clubs, fraternities, or sororities.

  • Intramurals: Coordinating various indoor and outdoor sports throughout the year.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Offering outdoor adventure trips, outdoor rental equipment, local hiking information, and a wilderness orientation program for incoming freshmen and transfers.

  • Performing Arts: Planning and implementing entertainment and education for the APU community through small- and large-scale concerts and music, art, and performance-based events.

  • Special Events: Planning and implementing campus-wide events that create a sense of community among the student body.