Study Load

Academic terms are broadly defined by these designations: fall, spring, and summer (sometimes titled Summer B). Sessions of varying numbers of weeks are offered within each term. The total number of units in which a student enrolls in any number of sessions within one term determines a student’s enrollment status for study load standards, financial aid eligibility, and prior student loan deferment purposes. For example, 3 units taken in 8-week session 1 and 6 units taken in 8-week session 2 combine for a total of 9 units for that term.

All units earned through Azusa Pacific University, regardless of the number of weeks in the session in which they are taken, are semester units. See the Academic Calendar for specific term and session information.

For professional bachelor’s degree completion programs, enrollment status is calculated as follows:

Fall, Spring, or Summer

  • 6-8 units is half-time status
  • 9-11 units is three-quarter-time status
  • 12 or more units is full-time status