Add and Drop Periods

The Add and Drop Periods allow students to make changes to their class schedules. It is strongly recommended that students regularly work with their academic advisor in their major department or the Academic Success Center, and view their academic requirements through the Academics > Academic Requirements tab at, to ensure they are on track to meet degree requirements.

  • The Add and Drop Periods begin on the first day of classes for each term (fall, spring, summer). The last days to add and drop for each term are separate dates, and are listed in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. Be advised that the last day to add will precede the last day to drop by several days.
  • Students may change their class schedules without penalty during the Add and Drop Periods, but should check with an academic advisor in their major department or the Academic Success Center to ensure that the changes do not affect progress toward their degree.
  • Students may make changes to their schedules online at To add a class that requires instructor permission, students must obtain a permission code from the instructor or academic department. Receiving a permission code does not automatically enroll a student in the class. Students may also elect to use the wait list to enroll in closed classes. Students receive an electronic notification if they have been added to a course through the wait list.
  • Each student is responsible for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of their schedule before the end of the Add and Drop Periods. It is strongly recommended that every student keep a personal record of their schedule each semester. Classes missed during the Add and Drop Periods are considered “unexcused absences” and are subject to the class attendance regulation policy as presented in this catalog, the Student Handbook, and the course syllabus.