Reapplication After Academic Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed for academic reasons for the first time may petition to return to APU for the following semester through the Academic Success Center. The petition must state:

  1. Intentions to maintain acceptable academic standing
  2. Strategies for probable success

If the petition is approved by the committee, the student’s probationary status will be monitored regularly thereafter by the Academic Success Center to ensure that the student makes satisfactory progress in remedying grade deficiencies. Failure to maintain the requirements of an academic plan to reach Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at this point will result in disqualification from further study. A second academic dismissal may not be appealed, and the student must proceed through the readmission and reenrollment processes for consideration of further study at APU after showing academic success at another institution for a minimum of two semesters, with full-time enrollment in academic courses in each semester.

A student who has been academically dismissed and does not petition to return for the following semester should apply to reenroll through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (or Office of International Enrollment Services for international students) for readmission to APU. Reenrollment is not guaranteed, and the student’s file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The student must demonstrate academic success at another institution for a minimum of two semesters with full-time enrollment in each semester (one of those semesters may be full-time summer enrollment). The course load should comprise academic core courses.