Grades are based on the daily work of classroom projects and examinations. Scholarship is ranked as follows:

A Exceptional
B Good
C Below average
D Unsatisfactory, no credit awarded
F Failure
I Incomplete
W Withdrawal

A grade of C+ or below is not acceptable in a 700-level course for doctoral degree credit; the course may be repeated to replace the grade in computing the GPA. Individual doctoral programs may have different requirements. Refer to individual sections within the catalog for specific program information. Some departments and/or schools require a higher minimum grade for coursework to meet program requirements.

Grade type (A-F versus credit/no credit or pass/fail) cannot change unless an official course change has been approved by the appropriate council prior to the course being offered for a particular term. Unit values for a course cannot be changed from the published values unless an official course change has been approved by the appropriate council prior to the term the course is taken.

For each credit, points are awarded according to the grade earned as follows:

Grade A 4.0 points
Grade A- 3.7 points
Grade B+ 3.3 points
Grade B 3.0 points
Grade B- 2.7 points
Grade C+ 2.3 points
Grade C 2.0 points
Grade C- 1.7 points
Grade D+ 0 points
Grade D 0 points
Grade D- 0 points
Grade F 0 points
Grade FN 0 points; Failure, Nonattending
Grade W1 0 points, Withdrawal
Grade I1 Incomplete
Grade IN1 Incomplete—No Paperwork
Grade NC 0 points, No Credit
Grade AU1 0 points, Audit
Grade CR1 0 points, Credit
Grade P1 0 points, Pass
Grade IP1 0 points, In Progress
Grade NG1 0 points, No Grade

The grade I (Incomplete) is to be given only if special circumstances exist. An Incomplete grade may be given upon recommendation of the professor with permission of the dean and/or chair of the respective school and/or department.

To obtain an Incomplete, the student must fill out the Incomplete Form available from the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar and obtain all necessary signatures before the last day of the course. An extension may be granted for up to 12 weeks from the last day of the term. The amount of time and specific coursework required is determined by the faculty member of record, based upon the nature of the student’s request and the remaining work that is to be completed for the course.

An Incomplete not made up within the extended time period will be automatically changed to the grade agreed upon in the Instructor and Student Agreement section of the Incomplete Form. Petitions for one additional extension for up to 12 weeks may be requested and are subject to review and decision by the faculty member, program director, department chair, and/or dean of the school.

The grade IN (Incomplete—No Paperwork) is a temporary grade that may be recorded by an instructor while the Incomplete Form is in process. An IN entered by the instructor without the subsequent submission of the proper form will automatically become an F. Work corrected or completed after the close of the grading period, without an approved Incomplete Form, does not justify a grade change (see also Grade Change Process).