Additional Degree or Concurrent Program Requirements

Azusa Pacific University will award a maximum of two bachelor’s degrees in any combination, such as two B.A.s or one B.A. and one B.S., under the following conditions:

  1. Candidates for additional degrees must meet the university’s Residence Requirement policy.
  2. A minimum of 150 units is required for the two degrees.
  3. Students must complete all of the required courses listed in the catalog for both degrees.
  4. Not more than six upper-division courses may be common to both degrees (excluding General Education requirements).
  5. Thirty units must be unique to the second degree, of which at least 18 units must be upper division.
  6. General Education courses completed for one degree may be applied toward the second degree.

Policy for Professional Minor Programs

Azusa Pacific University offers alcohol and drug counseling, business administration, criminal justice, and psychology minors for professional students, each of which can be taken only in conjunction with one of APU’s professional bachelor’s completion programs. For more information, contact the sponsoring academic department for the particular minor.