Professional Courses Taken by Traditional Undergraduate Students

A traditional undergraduate student may not enroll in a nonresidential/nontraditional undergraduate course (also referred to as a professional course) during the fall and spring terms of the traditional undergraduate academic calendar. Exceptions to this policy may be reviewed, upon submission of the Graduate/Professional Courses Taken by Undergraduate Students form by the student, for exceptional circumstances and where all of the following conditions are met:

  • The department chair of the professional program offering the course approves.
  • The department chair of the student’s major approves.
  • The request is submitted on the Professional Courses Taken by Undergraduate Students form to the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center.

For more information on undergraduate professional programs, consult the individual program pages in this catalog.

Traditional undergraduate degrees will not be posted until grades from all courses are posted. Professional courses are offered on a different term schedule than traditional undergraduate courses, which may result in a delay of the degree posting.