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HON 101, Leadership, 6 Units

A study of classic texts on leadership, including the Old Testament, that tackle key leadership questions- Who is a good leader? What does a good leader do? Is leadership an art or a science? How does one prepare for leadership? What ought to be the aim of good leaders? What is practical wisdom, and how does one obtain it? Are leaders constrained by any boundaries or obligations? Is virtue essential to good leadership? Is vice ever necessary? How should one lead in a situation that is less than the best? What can we learn from exemplary leaders? Taught by a faculty tutor in an integrative, interdisciplinary fashion.

Prerequisite: To enroll in the course, must be a student admitted to the Honors Program and be considered a member in "active" status.

General Education Program

...chart. Honors course completed = GE requirements satisfied HON 101 (Leadership, 6 units) = MIN 108 , Oral...