Minor in Screenwriting

APU’s screenwriting minor teaches students the key elements of cinematic storytelling.

18 units


CINE 274Story and Character3
CINE 280Writing the Short Screenplay3
CINE 375Writing 3: Screenwriting 13
CINE 385Intermediate Screenwriting3
Select one of the following:3
History of Television and Digital Media 2
History of Film 2
Select one of the following:3
Sketch Comedy for the Writer/Performer
Television Writing: Episodic Drama
Television Writing: Situation Comedy
Total Units18

Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement.


Meets the General Education Humanities: Fine Arts requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Story: Describe an understanding of the integral structures of cinematic storytelling and implement these in criticism, scripts, and productions.
  2. Technical Practice: Demonstrate proficiency in the aesthetic, practical, and technical aspects of production, writing, criticism, animation, or entertainment management.
  3. Knowledge/Analysis: Articulate, critique, and apply the historic, social, and theoretical contexts of the cinematic arts.
  4. Professional Development: Implement the protocol, vocabulary, and work ethic necessary for professional careers.
  5. Collaboration: Serve and participate as a member of a creative team in leadership and/or supporting roles to meet project goals.
  6. Spiritual/Faith: Integrate an understanding of Christian faith through critical, creative, and collaborative endeavors.