Minor in Theology

APU theology minors are equipped for further theological studies, service in the Church, and participation in the concrete work of justice in today’s world.

18 units

The theology minor consists of THEO 200 and 9 upper-division THEO units (any 3XX or 4XX THEO courses offered by the department qualify), 3 units of UBBL, and 3 units of PHIL 100HUM 224, or HUM 324. The UBBL, PHIL 100, and THEO 200 requirements may be used to meet the theology minor requirement and a General Education requirement.


Theology minors must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the courses being applied toward the minor.

Any upper-division (3XX or 4XX) UBBL course 13
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy 23
or HUM 224 Core Texts in Philosophy
or HUM 324 Core Texts in Philosophy
THEO 200 and 3 upper-division (3XX or 4XX) THEO courses of choice 312
Total Units18

The following courses will also fulfill the General Education Upper-Division Bible requirement: UBBL 310, UBBL 311, UBBL 317, UBBL 320, UBBL 330, UBBL 331, UBBL 340, UBBL 341, UBBL 350


All options meet the General Education Philosophy requirement.


THEO 200 meets the General Education Theology requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Explain the relationships between context and Christian theological traditions.
  2. Examine important societal issues in light of Christian theological traditions.
  3. Properly represent the theological ideas of people with diverse perspectives.
  4. Evaluate their own implicit theological beliefs in light of Christian theological traditions.
  5. Develop their own commitments in conversation with Christian theological traditions.