Minor in Ancient Languages

Students in APU’s ancient languages minor learn Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and other ancient languages.


18 units

The ancient languages minor consists of 6 units of elementary language instruction plus any combination of 12 additional units in Greek (Koine or classical), Hebrew, Latin, or other ancient languages. Students may earn a minor in ancient languages with a concentration in either Greek or Hebrew, provided at least 12 units are in the same respective language.

Select 6 units from the following:6
Elementary Classical Greek I
Elementary Classical Greek II
Elementary Greek I
Elementary Greek II
Elementary Hebrew I
Elementary Hebrew II
Elementary Latin I
Elementary Latin II
Select 12 units from the following:12
Intermediate Greek I
Intermediate Greek II
Greek Readings 1
Intermediate Hebrew I
Intermediate Hebrew II
Hebrew Readings 1
Ancient Languages
Total Units18

Course may be repeated to earn enough units for a concentration in either Greek or Hebrew.