Certificate in Leadership Development

APU’s professional leadership minor equips students to be proficient strengths-driven leaders as part of their overall pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields, and can be taken only in conjunction with one of APU’s bachelor’s completion programs.

12 units

The Certificate in Leadership Development focuses on the personal character of the leader and how to develop themself and others. Students engage with approaches to executive coaching and gain insight into the past, present, and future landscape of leadership thought. This program is unique because it looks at leadership through the lens of emotional intelligence, which research shows is a cornerstone leadership trait. Students are equipped with practical tools to lead themselves and others forward. This certificate pairs well with any professional background, providing students with the life and leadership skills necessary to become influential agents of change in all kinds of organizations and personal relationships. 


LDRS 511Exploration of Leadership Thought3
LDRS 512EQ I: Self-Leadership3
LDRS 523EQ 2: Relational Leadership3
OPSY 515Coaching Techniques and Application3
Total Units12

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Explore the practical relationship between personality, motivation, personal values, and leadership development.
  2. Identify the skills needed to guide high potential talent toward leadership development and success.
  3. Articulate the behaviors and skills of emotional intelligence and its impact on organizational relationships.
  4. Gain understanding of the historical roots of the study of leadership and its impact on leadership development into the future.