BA in Digital Marketing and Design

APU’s accounting major teaches students the principles, theories, and concepts of the accounting profession and gives an overview of the economic, quantitative, and managerial aspects of business.

66 units

The BA in Digital Marketing and Design program is for students interested in learning how to apply their creativity in the digital market space. With a focus on digital marketing strategy and social media marketing, this program gives students an innovative and relevant skill set for branding, influencer marketing, and brand journalism.

Students in this program are equipped to create a digital marketing strategic plan and manage digital marketing tools and channels, including the implementation of specific targeted marketing campaigns that promote business services, products, and corporate brand journalism. Students learn how to apply strategically aligned marketing communications to prosumers in order to leverage an organization’s brand for the expansion of customer acquisition, conversion, and value growth potential, ultimately increasing sales and brand recognition. Two certificates are available upon completion of this program: a social media marketing certificate and an analytics certificate from an independent third-party firm that specializes in social media and platform management.

Coursework engages students in creating a comprehensive strategic digital marketing plan, including developing appropriate marketing strategies and objectives and conducting a marketing audit to ensure successful implementation. Digital marketing tools are integrated and developed—including email marketing campaigns, website design analysis, SEO, content marketing strategies, social media marketing, and building online community life cycles—that are appropriate and applicable to an organization’s vision and mission. Complementary topics in advertising, promotion, graphics, web design, and SEO, and student participation in internship experiences, help build the student skill set and résumé for immediate employment in several marketing-related and design industries.

Today’s employers are seeking educated marketers who can create and manage corporate brands and communications designed to foster a consistent organizational image and promote customer loyalty. Students in this program are equipped with the necessary practical skills to become professional marketers for various types of businesses, nonprofits, and church-led organizations.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

In teams, students complete a social media campaign and a marketing plan for a real organization. Students can build their résumés through internships and have the option to participate in numerous student clubs and honor societies that provide confidence and skill-building opportunities in leadership, team building, social media, event planning, promotion, and marketing supervisory or management positions. 

Students have the option to acquire practical skills and experience in leadership, management, decision making, and teamwork through internships, student clubs, honor societies, and study-away opportunities. Students participating in study-away opportunities engage with topics of globalization, trade, culture, and global management and leadership as they travel the world. Typically, study-away trips include visiting global and international organizations and learning from universities and business leaders around the world.

Certificates, Credentials, and Microcredentials 

This program gives students the opportunity to earn industry-valued, internationally recognized certificates, credentials, and microcredentials, such as Hootsuite and Google Digital Garage, that certify their mastery of digital communication management and marketing analytics skills or abilities. These certifications in social media management, sales management, and business analytics can be added to résumés and uploaded to online portfolios, showcasing these skills to potential employers.

Career Opportunities

Professionals who can leverage the power of digital marketing are in high demand. Career paths open to marketing majors include marketing coordinator/specialist, marketing project manager, social media specialist/manager, account coordinator/executive manager, product/brand manager, digital marketing specialist/manager, social media marketing manager, creative assistant, web content writer/manager, sales representative/manager, marketing manager, advertising and promotion manager, media planner/buyer, retail marketer, marketing analytics specialist, and marketing communications coordinator. Income potential and personal fulfillment are high. Marketing professionals who excel can become top executives.


Business and Management Core Courses
BUSI 110Business and Entrepreneurship 13
BUSI 120Business Communications 23
BUSI 240Introduction to Information Systems and Business Applications3
BUSI 244Data Analytics, Spreadsheets, and Data Visualization3
BUSI 213Negotiation Strategies and Skills3
BUSI 495Writing 3: Business Ethics 33
MGMT 210Principles of Management 43
MGMT 211Organizational Leadership3
MGMT 212Managing Diverse Teams and Groups 53
MGMT 214Project Management 43
MGMT 440Business Process Management3
MGMT 445Human Resource Management3
MGMT 448Organizational and Administrative Behavior 13
Digital Marketing and Design Courses
DSGN 120Introduction to Computer Graphics3
DSGN 115Using Digital Media in a Visual World 63
DSGN 281Graphic Design I3
MKTG 260Principles of Marketing 73
MKTG 262Consumer Behavior: An Applied Approach 13
MKTG 364Sales and Sales Management S3
MKTG 373Global Marketing Management 83
MKTG 466Digital and Social Media Marketing F3
Select one of the following:3
Business Management Internship 4
Marketing Internship 4
Total Units66

Meets the General Education requirement for Civic Knowledge & Engagement.


Meets the General Education requirement for Oral Communication.


Meets the General Education requirement for Writing 3.


Meets the General Education requirement for Integrative and Applied Learning.


Meets the General Education requirement for Social Science.


Meets the General Education requirement for Humanities: Fine Arts.


Meets the General Education requirement for Intercultural Competence.


Offered via Study Away.

F Offered in Fall only
S Offered in Spring only
F/S Offered in both Fall and Spring terms
EF Offered in Fall in even years
ES Offered in Spring in even years
OF Offered in Fall in odd years
OS Offered in Spring in odd years

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Examine the full spectrum of digital marketing concepts and practices, including advertising, promotion, and design concepts.
  2. Apply key marketing processes, including digital marketing concepts, and graphic design.
  3. Create digital marketing plans that appeal to a diverse and global population.
  4. Benchmark digital marketing campaigns against best practices.
  5. Develop design strategies for digital marketing campaigns.
  6. Evaluate digital marketing practices to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  7. Incorporate ethical practice into all aspects of digital marketing management.