Minor in Business Management

APU’s business management minor offers students a solid business foundation.

21 units

The business management minor program is designed for those who seek a broad spectrum of business courses necessary to lead and manage organizations. This program develops competence in conceptual, human, and technical skills, and these skills make students completing the program well prepared for employment in public and private-sector organizations.

Students in this program learn the management and leadership skills of planning, decision making, problem solving, communication, and delegation. Coursework in general business management and leadership includes a fundamental system of values that serves as the basis for decision making.​ This minor also emphasizes project and people management.

Benefits of Adding a Minor

A minor can help students complement their bachelor’s degree and stand out to future employers, expanding their employment opportunities while they study an additional area of interest. The versatility of the management minor complements any major, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate management expertise in any field and possibly providing an edge in their job search, as well as adding knowledge that can be used throughout an individual’s career.

Certificates, Credentials, and Microcredentials

Today, employers are looking for new hires with technical skills and leadership abilities such as decision making and teamwork. Students in this program have the opportunity to earn industry-valued certificates, credentials, and microcredential badges that can be added to résumés and uploaded to online portfolios, certifying and showcasing certain skills and abilities to potential employers.

Career Opportunities

At APU, students may choose from among a broad range of management course offerings. Business management minors are able to pursue work in a vast range of industries.


No more than three courses in a student’s major may count toward the business management minor.

BUSI 110Business and Entrepreneurship3
MGMT 210Principles of Management 13
MKTG 260Principles of Marketing3
MGMT 445Human Resource Management3
MGMT 448Organizational and Administrative Behavior 23
Select two of the following: 6
Organizational Leadership
Managing Diverse Teams and Groups 3
Real Estate Management
Business Management Internship 1
Sales and Sales Management
Retail Management
Global Marketing Management
Production Management
Total Units21

Meets the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement.


Meets the General Education Civic Knowledge and Engagement requirement.


Meets the General Education Social Sciences requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Competent Business Knowledge: Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge in multiple business disciplines, including management, finance, marketing, accounting and economics.
  2. Critical Thinking: Students will be able to identify and solve business problems using analytical and critical thinking skills.
  3. Christian Business Ethics: Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to evaluate business decisions based on a Christian perspective.
  4. Written Communication: Students will be able to convey ideas clearly through professional written communication.
  5. Oral Communication: Students will be able to express ideas effectively through professional oral presentations.
  6. Collaborative Teamwork: Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to function as an effective business team member.
  7. Comprehensive Global Awareness: Students will be able to identify cultural, economic and political aspects of business in a global environment.
  8. Discipline Knowledge: Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of management concepts.
  9. Discipline Problem Solving/Strategy: Students will be able to a) solve core management problems or b) analyze management situations and provide strategy for effectiveness.