Minor in Data Science

APU’s BA and BS mathematics majors prepare students for graduate school and for careers as quantitative experts in a variety of fields.

21-23 units 

The minor in data science comprises a core introductory sequence in statistics, computer science, data ethics, and data visualization, plus three elective courses to be chosen from other data-centric and computational courses across departments.

Core Requirements
MATH 130Introduction to Statistics 13
CS 120Introduction to Computer Science I 24
MATH 492Ethics in Data Analytics2
Select one of the following:3
Data Visualization
Data Analytics, Spreadsheets, and Data Visualization
Select three of the following: 39-11
Data Analysis
Statistical Models
Algorithms and Data Structures
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Business Programming
Big Data Analytics for Business
Experimental Research Methods
Non-Experimental Research Methods
Analysis of Variance
and Analysis of Variance Lab
and Regression Lab
Total Units21-23

Meets the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement.


Meets a portion of the General Education Oral Communication requirement. Does not fulfill the requirement in total unless taken with CS 290 and CS 480, or ENGR 240 and ENGR 480.


At least one course must be outside the student’s home department, and at least one course must be 300-level or higher.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Utilize fundamentals of statistical analysis to glean insight from data.
  2. Utilize fundamentals of computer programming to manage and analyze data.
  3. Communicate data effectively via visualizations and reproducible reports.
  4. Engage critically with issues of data ethics from a Christian worldview.