Minor in Biology

The biology minor inspires curiosity about living organisms and the wonders of God’s world.

26 units


  • The minimum prerequisites for the biology minor are a C- in BIOL 151 and a B- in MATH 110 or equivalent (for example, an ALEKS score of 65). Students may not earn a biology minor if they are majoring in allied health or biochemistry.
  • Students must complete all prerequisites for a BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course with a C- or better before taking the course (except as noted in the course description).
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all biology, chemistry, biochemistry, math, and physics courses required for the minor.
  • Students must complete each course required for the minor with a C- or higher for the course to meet a degree requirement in the Department of Biology and Chemistry.
  • Any single course within the minor can be taken only two times at APU; students will be dismissed from the minor after two unsuccessful (below C-) attempts in a single required course.
  • Only two courses total within the minor can be repeated; students will be dismissed from the minor after unsuccessful (below C-) attempts in any three required courses.
Lower-Division Requirements20
General Biology I 1
General Biology II
General Chemistry I 1, 2
Biology of Microorganisms
Cell Biology
Topics in Biology and Christian Thought 3
Upper-Division Electives6
Choose 6 units of electives from the following; these may not include units used to fulfill requirements of the student’s major.
Genetics 4
Teaching and Learning in STEM 5
STEM Education Research Seminar 5
STEM Teaching Practicum 5
Ecology 6
Neurobiology 4
Vertebrate Biology
Medical Microbiology
Mammalian Physiology
Plant Biology
Directed Research Internship 5
Biological Science Internship 5
Molecular Biology
Stewardship Ecology
Developmental Biology
Advanced Topics in Biology
Total Units26

Meets the General Education Natural Sciences requirement.


This course may be waived with an appropriate Advanced Placement test score.


BIOL 152 meets this requirement if taken at APU.


Meets the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement.


Up to 3 units combined of either BIOL 311, BIOL 312, BIOL 313, BIOL 394, or BIOL 395 may count toward minor elective units.


Meets the General Education Civic Knowledge and Engagement requirement. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a broad knowledge base in the field of biology.
  2. Effectively communicate scientific ideas and research orally.
  3. Effectively communicate scientific ideas and research in writing.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in problem solving and applying the scientific method to scientific questions.
  5. Demonstrate laboratory skills and techniques.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of relevant laboratory instrumentation.
  7. Express a Christian worldview that integrates faith with their biology vocation.