Minor in Design Studies

APU’s design studies minor helps students develop creative ways of thinking about visual communication.

18 units


Core Courses
DSGN 115Using Digital Media in a Visual World 13
DSGN 281Graphic Design I3
Select 12 units from the following:
History of Graphic Design and Illustration
Digital Design I
Graphic Design II
Digital Design II
Graphic Design III
Multimedia I
Graphic Design Processes
Graphic Design IV
Special Topics in Design
History of Ancient Art and Architecture 1
History of Early Christian and Medieval Art and Architecture 1
History of Renaissance to Rococo Art and Architecture 1
Writing 3: History of Modern Art and Architecture 2
History of Contemporary Art and Architecture 1
Women In Art
Total Units18

Meets the General Education Humanities: Fine Arts requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 Requirement

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. General Knowledge and Essential Skills: Design work that demonstrates fluency with visual vocabulary, principles, composition, and excellence in craft and technical skills, developed with familiarity with professional standards, contemporary issues, and technological developments in design.
  2. Inquiry, Research, and Critical Thinking: Construct innovative design solutions that result in measurable outcomes, through research, conceptualization, and synthesis of information, and using narrative devices and visual metaphor.
  3. Visual and Written Articulation: Communicate effectively through written and oral presentations that demonstrate proficiency in the aesthetic, practical, and technical aspects of ideation, production, and criticism of design solutions.
  4. Cultural Literacy and Sensitivity: Articulate, critique, and apply the historic, social, and theoretical contexts of visual communication by demonstrating knowledge and sensitivity towards diverse audiences and points of view.
  5. Faith Integration: Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness as they evaluate design and developments in the field of design in light of a Christian worldview.