Minor in Music

APU’s music minor offers a comprehensive music education for students interested in teaching, performance, or music theory.

25-28 units

Prospective music minors must meet all placement and proficiency examinations as required for the major. The theory pre-test includes key and meter signatures, major and minor scales, rhythms, note recognition, and intervals. Those who are deficient in theory are required to take MUS 120 before proceeding with first-year theory. Students with a keyboard deficiency must enroll in piano class or take private lessons until the piano proficiency exam is passed. The piano proficiency examination is modified for the minor. Placement auditions are held for all performance areas.


Music minors must maintain at least a 2.5 grade-point average in all upper-division music courses.

Core Courses
MUS 121Music Theory I (F/S, Fr, So) 13
MUS 122Music Theory II3
MUS 133Practical Musicianship I (F/S, Fr, So)1
MUS 134Practical Musicianship II1
MUS 210Performance Forum (4 semesters required)0
MUS 441Music in Worship (F/S)3
MUS 103Beginning Piano Class (F/S all)1
MUS 104Elementary Piano Class (F/S all)1
MUS 105Intermediate Piano Class (F/S all)1
MUS 106Advanced - Intermediate Piano Class (F/S all)1
Applied Music(Instrumental or Voice) (F/S all)4
Music EnsembleFour semesters required 2
Select one of the following:4
Music and Civilization (F/S) 1
Ancient, Renaissance, and World Music Literature (F)
Writing 3: Baroque, Classical, and Early Romantic Music Literature (F/S) 3
Late Romantic and 20th-Century Music Literature (S) 4
Select one of the following:2
Applied Music (Instrumental or Voice) (In addition to core requirement)
Music Ensemble (In addition to core requirement)
Introduction to Music Technology
Total Units25-28

Meets the General Education Humanities: Fine Arts requirement.


Taking four semesters of musical ensembles meets the General Education Civic Knowledge and Engagement requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement. 


Meets the General Education Humanities: History requirement.

Course Requirements Legend

Course Requirement Availability: Recommended Year:
F = Offered every fall Fr = Freshman
S = Offered every spring So = Sophomore
E = Even year Jr = Junior
O = Odd year Sr = Senior