Student Phone Service

Each residence hall is equipped with two telephones per floor, located in common areas. The university owns the phone lines in the specified living areas. For complete phone service information, visit the IMT Telecommunications website or the IMT Support Center website.

On-campus Dialing

From the residence hall phones on each floor, students can dial on-campus locations using the four-digit extension number, which is also the last four digits of the full phone number (e.g., (626) 815-5050). University office phone numbers/extensions can be found on office and department pages on the university website.

Off-campus Dialing

Local Calls

The university provides local service at no charge. Students can make free calls to the following locations, all within an approximate 12-mile radius of Azusa Pacific University: Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Claremont, Covina, Diamond Bar, Glendora, El Monte, La Puente, Monrovia, Pomona, San Dimas, San Gabriel Canyon, and Sierra Madre. To dial a local or toll-free number, first dial “7” and include “1” plus area code if dialing outside of the 626 area code.

Long-Distance Calls

To place any calls outside of the free radius, students can purchase a calling card to be used from the common area phone (see Calling Card Use below for more information). The university blocks all 900 and 976 numbers.

Calling Card Use

Personal calling cards may be used from the common area phones. Since the telephone lines in the residence halls are university property, students are not permitted to order a calling card against the telephone number. Students must choose calling cards that use either a local or toll-free number.

Telephone Abuse

The university reserves the right to discontinue, deny, or restrict telephone service without notice for any student it determines is abusing the telephone system. Abuse includes, but is not limited to: physical damage to equipment, harassment of any type via telephone, use of an unauthorized Personal Authorization Code (PAC) number, ordering a calling card against the residence hall’s phone number, or nonpayment of a bill. Unauthorized use of a PAC number will be investigated. Those found guilty will be referred to the dean of students for judicial action, and a $75 fine will be imposed.

Collect Calls

Under no circumstances are students to accept collect or third-party calls.

Students Living in Campus Apartments

Local telephone service for all campus apartments is to be obtained through Verizon Telephone Company. To establish phone service with Verizon, call customer care toll free at (800) 837-4966.

The university’s sole responsibility to these living areas is to provide one working jack per living area. To report problems with a phone line, contact the IMT Support Center at (626) 815-5050 or An Azusa Pacific University technician will determine if the problem is with the university’s wiring. If this is the case, the technician will repair it. If the technician determines that the problem is with Verizon or Verizon’s equipment, the technician will advise the student to report the issue to the Verizon repair line at (800) 483-1000.