Mail Services

All undergraduate students are required to have a university postal unit box located at Mail Services East. All unit boxes are the property of APU and are operated by APU staff. Keys are issued to new students during Welcome Weekend. Students are required to sign an agreement to pay a replacement fee of $25 for a lost key. New students may call Mail Services East at (626) 812-3030 after August 1 to obtain their unit box number. Students maintain the same unit box throughout their attendance at APU.

Mail Services East is located in Lower Turner Campus Center on East Campus. Patrons may purchase postage stamps, mail letters and packages via the United States Postal Service, send intracampus mailings to professors and friends, and receive mail from off campus. Mail Services East is a full-service shipping center for all your FedEx shipping needs, and has an outdoor Amazon Locker (location name: INFRARED).

Mail Services West is located behind Darling Library on West Campus, and also features an Amazon Locker (location name: HONZA).