Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education

The Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education exists to further the practice, research, and dissemination of strengths-based approaches to teaching, learning, and leading in higher education at Azusa Pacific University and beyond. The Noel Strengths Academy offers a variety of services and resources for the students, staff, and faculty of Azusa Pacific as well as other organizations interested in bringing the strengths philosophy of people development into their settings.​

The academy fulfills its mission through:

  • Strengths Coaching: Providing one-to-one conversations with students, faculty, and staff exploring and applying their unique talents to academic, personal, and professional goals.
  • Training: Consulting with colleges and universities to train faculty and staff to conduct strengths-based advising, coaching, teaching, team building, and curriculum design.
  • Research: Conducting impact studies of strengths-based education practices and functioning as a clearinghouse for research that is conducted on strengths-based practices.
  • Dissemination: Disseminating the best practices in strengths-based education, along with research results, through the academy website, newsletters, and hosted conferences.