Center for Research in Science (CRIS)

The Center for Research in Science (CRIS) serves students, scholars, and the general community by promoting research that encompasses and extends the scope of scientific studies to address the inseparable relationships between science, faith, and culture. In addition, CRIS explores the role of science in a classical liberal arts education and the ancient dialogue between faith and reason.

One of the center’s hallmark activities (open to the community at large) is hosting the popular CRIS Science, Faith, and Culture lecture series, in which experts from various disciplines present thought-provoking perspectives on important issues of the day. A variety of topics ranging from cosmological and biological origins to environmental stewardship, human dignity, and bioethics are discussed.

CRIS also encourages student and faculty research by arranging intra- and extramural internships, inviting visiting scientists to engage with students on campus, and working to establish synergistic partnerships with local businesses and organizations.