Center for Global Learning and Engagement

Mission Statement

The Center for Global Learning and Engagement (CGLE) carries out APU’s academic vision to deliberately and strategically integrate an intercultural and international dimension into teaching, research, and service functions of the university. The CGLE does this through the creation and maintenance of innovative, inclusive, and accessible study away programs and other global learning opportunities; comprehensive advising, preparation, and reentry guidance for students; and the creation of opportunities for faculty development and leadership in international education.

What We Offer

The center coordinates various study away programs, including domestic and international semester and short-term opportunities for students interested in integrating their academic experience in an off-campus program. This ideal paradigm provides the student with the opportunity to enroll in a program through an APU semester, thereby creating an integration of courses, lectures, and extracurricular activities for all or part of a semester (full immersion vs. partial immersion). Participation in study away lends students the opportunity to develop global competence.

Many students, however, are not able to include a full-semester off-campus program while completing their undergraduate studies, due to financial limitations, academic major, extracurricular aspirations, and other considerations. In these instances, GO Terms programs of up to 16 weeks may be considered and are provided by various APU academic departments. Learn more about GO Terms.

An off-campus study experience should be thoughtfully integrated into a student’s total instructional program and major and should be considered in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and the Center for Global Learning and Engagement.

How to Apply

The application deadline for APU study away semester programs is February 1 each year. Applying to a program means the student is applying to study away during that specific academic year (fall or spring semester). If applying for another academic year, a student must complete another application and submit all required application materials. Complete an Online Semester Application and attach all required documents.