Residence Life

Azusa Pacific’s on-campus residential setting offers students exceptional variety and quality-of-life experience, and the on-campus Residence Life program has several distinctive features:

  1. It exists as a community that engenders a spirit of redemption and grace to promote restoration and life change though Christ’s involvement in students’ day-to-day lives.
  2. It offers undergraduate students many types of living environments, including traditional residence halls and self-contained apartments. Many of the on-campus living communities are accessible to students with disabilities.
  3. Each living area strives to provide living-learning programs based on the assessed needs of the residents.
  4. Each residence community is managed by a residence director (RD) who serves as a liaison between residents and the university community. RDs are professionals, trained to assist students with making positive choices for success in their college experiences. The RD also serves as an educator, helping students integrate their classroom learning with their out-of-classroom experiences.
  5. Each subcommunity is directed by a resident advisor (RA, who reports to the RD) who plays a key role as a referral agent in the event that a student needs counseling or medical care. RAs assist in orienting students to the living area and the campus, and plan a variety of programs that promote a sense of community and cooperation among residents.